Monday, December 31, 2012

Featured Photographer: Geno Photography

I really love the wonderful photographers that I get to work with, and to show them my appreciation I'd like to give each one a featured post, so expect a week of every month's posts to be dedicated to pictures of squishy newborn goodness, glowing bellies, thriving toddlers and beautiful families. I am not perked in any way to write these posts, I just like to be able to showcase each one more than just "sharing" their photos on Facebook.

Geno Photography
See my first post on Geno Photography here. I absolutely love working with Carrie Geno, the owner and photographer at Geno Photography. She isn't just a photographer to me, because she has also been taking my children's photos since my oldest was 6 months old (he is now almost 3!). She is an absolutely flawless prop photographer, highlighting details I could only dream of. Here are some recent photos she has taken for me.

{These two girls are daughters, are they not just absolutely beautiful?!}

A lot of people forget that I crochet items for every age and size {for no extra charge}, so I sent some items to her and requested a couple of photos so that I could showcase older children too. I absolutely love how these turned out! The snowy background- perfect! And I love that she was able to match her daughter's coats to the headband and hat too, it really makes each item pop!

You can purchase the earwarmer headband here, and earflap hat with flower here; just specify which sizes you need. You can also send me an e-mail at to get started on your custom order.
She also photographed some newborn stuff for me, it turned out so cute!

Don't you just love newborn goodness? Even better, these were a set of twins! Yup, really. Go check out more info on Geno Photography at her website here, her blog here, her Facebook page here, and be sure to check out more work here!
You can purchase the bear hat here, baby boots here, or toddler boots here. You can specify size and color for each item.
Happy Monday!

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