Sunday, September 16, 2012

Featured Photographer: Geno Photography

I really love the wonderful photographers that I get to work with, and to show them my appreciation I'd like to give each one a featured post, so expect a week of every month's posts to be dedicated to pictures of squishy newborn goodness, glowing bellies, thriving toddlers and beautiful families. I am not perked in any way to write these posts, I just like to be able to showcase each one more than just "sharing" their photos on Facebook.

Geno Photography
Alright, so I haven't technically worked with Carrie Geno from Geno Photography business-wise, but she has been taking my children's pictures for an entire 2 years now, (I wish I had known of her for my 2.5 year old's newborn pics!) and I really appreciate all of the work that she puts into making sure that I get the pictures that I dream of.
This hat is one of my creations from 2 years ago, at my now 2.5 year old's 9 month photo session!
These photos are from a year and a half ago at my now 2.5 year old's 1 year photo session!

Here you can see a photo of my favorite creation, crochet boots, peeking out under the cute shag rug at his 2 year birthday session!
My second child, (a girl!) was born at the very end of February and I was thrilled to have Carrie take beautiful newborn photos for me. I just dropped a pile of props on the floor and let her choose her favorites, she ended up using my daughter's newborn blanket, a long tail elf hat, and a giraffe hat, in colors that match her adorable bedroom.

Carrie is located in Wellman, Iowa, but she is worth the drive if you don't live in Wellman! We live outside of the Cedar Rapids/Hiawatha area and drive a total of an hour (each way!) to have her take our children's photos twice a year. Yes, she really is that good! You can check out her website for pricing information, her zenfolio for more of her work (my kids' summer pictures were just posted!), her blog to get a taste of her sweet personality, and her Facebook to be a fan!

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