Monday, September 10, 2012

Donation to baby Easton

If you haven't heard of baby Easton, you really need to. This sweet guy was born on August 23, 2012 with a rare disease where he has no skin on his limbs. His disease is extremely painful, and at this point in time there is no cure for him, he will have skin that tears and blisters for his entire life. I can't imagine the pain that this brave guy suffers through, as a mother it must be heartbreaking. Beyond Easton's pain, I know that seeing your children in pain tears you up inside, let alone knowing that there is absolutely nothing that you can do for them. On top of the physical and emotional pain that baby Easton's parents are going through, they have financial strains too. Easton's bandages alone cost $10,000 per month. Can you even imagine? Throughout the month of September, I will be offering 20% of all purchases to go to sweet Easton's family. Will it be enough to cover his bandages for a month, a week or even a day? Probably not. But it's something. And these parents need something to hold on to. They need to know that there are people in this world who care. How many times have we seen terrifying and heartbreaking things on the tv and internet, and thought to ourselves, "Wow, I can't even imagine going through that." Now, how many times have you actually done something about it? It's time to step up. For baby Easton, for baby Easton's parents, and for baby Easton's older brothers. If this donation works well, you can count on me to continue it through October, November, December, etc. I will keep going until it no longer works.

Easton, you can count on me to help out. And I hope that you can count on my customers too.

For more information on baby Easton please visit this Facebook page ran by his aunt. You can also contact her to donate directly.

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