Monday, November 5, 2012

Custom Order!

I fail as a blogger.
It's true, I know, don't try to make me feel better. I have had quite a few custom orders lately though, so I just need to get some posts going (Maybe I'll write them now and post one each day? Oh, who am I kidding, I'm lucky to post once a month!) Do any of you follow blogs? I LOVE blog following, so it's pretty sad that I can't manage to get more posts out. I have thought about adding more "juice" to this blog; home decor, crochet tips/patterns, fitness, personal. Thoughts? Anyways, on to the subject of the day: custom order. Was that a good transition? No? I'll work on that.
I recently had a custom order for a couple of adult size hats; a minion and a giraffe. I completely forgot to photograph the giraffe hat before I mailed it (fail again!) so I'll just refresh your memory with this picture of my sweet babe taken when she was 4 days old by Geno Photography.
My customer ordered the exact same style, color, everything (except size of course). It looked just as cute in an adult size too! The other hat she ordered I was SO excited about. I love when someone contacts me with an idea that I have not done before. I get the chance to open up my creativity a bit and expand my work. (hint, hint: bring me new ideas!)
How incredibly adorable is this?! My favorite part? The button eyes. Awesome.
Now I am off to go prep some future posts, any guesses on when they will go live? January? Yea, probably.
Happy Monday!

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