Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween 2012: Mickey & Minnie Mouse!

In previous years for Halloween I purchased pre-made costumes at the store-

A monkey in 2010...
Spongebob in 2011...

(Yup, that costume was made for a 6 year old, but the boy wanted to be Spongebob, so I made him Spongebob gosh darnet!)
This year, however, I really wanted to focus their costumes around something that I could crochet. I asked C what he wanted to be for Halloween, and his response was perfect- Mickey Mouse! How cute of an idea, they could be Mickey and Minnie!

They weren't much in a picture taking mood, which was a sad moment for me because I never did get one good one of them together. My OCD is still bothered by that.

Yup, that is my iPhone in his hand. Anything for a good picture, right mom-tographers?
I crocheted both of their hats and shoes, as well as the Mickey head on C's trick-or-treat bag in the first picture. I just purchased a $1 red tote from the craft section at Wal-Mart and hot glued the Mickey head on there (after crocheting it obviously).

You can purchase the Mickey hat in my store here (I can make the bottom red and add white buttons for his pants for those that like the hat, but don't plan to use it as a costume.), the Minnie hat here, and the entire Minnie set here. (More info on that Minnie skirt in tomorrow's post!) And don't forget, if you buy the set of Mickey and Minnie hats you get a 10% discount, just message me to set up a custom listing for you!
I'll leave you with this cutie.
Happy Wednesday!

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