Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!


I know, this post is a day late, but yesterday was crazy crazy! We ended up at three different Thanksgivings, and with two children that is just A LOT. Sadly, I didn't take many pictures of the kiddos, so I really just have one (sort of) good one of baby A. And none of C. He just wasn't having it.

I say that it is a sort of good one of her because she's sporting a crazy bib, her leggings are way up by her knees and she has food not only in her hand, but also in her mouth. Those are not her teeth, ladies and gentlemen. Maybe I will attempt a duo photo of them at our last gathering on Sunday, though we know how those photos generally turn out...

Is her outfit not incredibly adorable though?! I bought her dress from JC Penney, I got it in the store, but it is shown online here. I love the brown buttons on the top and the pockets in the front. Does a nine month old need pockets? No, but what if I need a place to store her crackers? I also got her leggings at JC Penney, shown here. All I cared about was two things; that they fit and that they were brown. Mission accomplished. I crocheted her boots (That's a given, right? I mean, that's why you follow this here ol' blog anyhow, right?), and I love the pop of burnt orange to accent the cream and brown. Perfection at it's finest.



I love boots. What am I going to do when I no longer have a sweet baby to put cute boots on? Do you think it's a legitimate reason to have another baby? "But doctor, I just needed to feed my baby boot addiction!" Would you go for it?

Happy Friday!

(But let's pretend it's still Thursday.)

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