Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Custom Order!

I showed you my new earwarmer headbands yesterday, but now I get to show you the custom order that started the earwarmer headbands! This customer goes to the University of Northern Iowa, which is her favorite school! While her roommates go to UNI with her (well, I assume they do, but if they don't then they sure travel a long way from the UNI campus all the way out to the Iowa and Iowa State campuses!), their preferences are the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. I thought it was such a fun idea to get to create headbands for each school all for the same order!

University of Northern Iowa

University of Iowa

Iowa State University

She loved the idea of having flowers on them (and so do I!), so I kept the colors going with the cute tiny buttons in the middle of the flowers! I love that they all match, can't you just imagine how cute they will look walking around with two of them getting beat up for wearing the wrong colors to UNI campus?! These are supposed to be Christmas gifts for the Iowa and Iowa State girls, but I hope that she'll post photos of them all modeling them together for me after Christmas, on my Facebook page!

I also added the earwarmer headbands to my Etsy shop, so you can check them out here! Remember, if you are looking to buy more than one then contact me first and I will either set you up a custom listing on Etsy or send you an invoice to your PayPal, I want to make sure that you get the 10% discount!
Happy Tuesday!

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