Monday, November 12, 2012

Introducing: Earwarmer Headbands!

Alright so I failed at blogging on Friday, sue me. Well, not really, but does it count as a valid excuse if I was busy at work all day and then went out for a date night with my favorite guy?

One of my customers contacted me about crocheting earwarmer headbands for the winter. I had never done so before, but I figured they seemed easy enough. I searched Google for a pattern I liked, and when I wasn't able to find one, I decided to make my own! These headbands are incredibly quick  to work up (they take about an hour start to finish), and are just too cute when they are done!

How gorgeous is my model, Rielle?






They can be crocheted in any color combo you can dream up, any ginormous head you need to fit and any embellishments you desire- for no added cost! My earwarmer headbands are a flat $15 each (shipping included, as always!), however, if you decide to purchase more than one you receive a 10% discount. The 10% discount can be used with any two different items, if you want to buy an earwarmer headband for yourself (come on, you deserve it!) and a hat for your child (you know you can't resist!), you still receive a 10% discount for buying more than one item from my shop.

These are a perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer! Order one in your best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/child's school colors for a custom gift! I can even drop a hint to your hubby if you'd like ;)

Happy Monday!

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