Monday, December 3, 2012

Custom Toy Storage- Part 2

{Before I get to my kick... butt closet storage, something else is in need of mentioning. Have you heard that there will be a new spin-off of Boy Meets World, called Girl Meets World?! The original Cory and Topanga actors will revive their roles, and the "girl" from the title will be their own daughter, Riley Matthews. I first heard this on Facebook so I didn't believe it. But then I used my trusty best friend Google and discovered that the rumor is true! How incredibly awesome is this?! I am off my rockers excited. Please air soon tomorrow!}

I showed you part one of my 2 year old's toy storage last week- putting the shelf up. But today I will show you what I put on the shelf.

First, I bought some crates from Michael's (I think they were $5.99 each). I forgot to take a picture of them before I painted them, sorry, I'm new at this blogging thing and don't always remember to photograph every step. Anyways, I bought five small ones and one big one; I painted all six crates orange. I also picked up some little pre-cut/designed wood pieces (I'd say they are about 2" thick) with plans of painting them with chalkboard paint. Here they are before I painted them (shown are three for C's room and three I picked up for A's room, though I haven't actually done anything with A's yet).

I did a quick hand sanding to make sure that there were not any pieces of wood sticking out ready to give me a splinter. Then I just took my chalk board paint and sprayed them about a foot away, continuously moving my hand while spraying. I went over them twice while spraying horizontally, then once they dried I went over them twice while spraying vertically. 

At this point, all of my orange bins were dry and all of my chalkboard pieces were dry. I took all of the chalkboard pieces into C's room to get them ready.

Before writing on them for the first time you want to rub them with the side of the chalk, this prevents them from getting "stained" with the first thing that you write on them.

I wiped that off with a damp cloth and waited a few hours minutes for the dampness to dry. Then I went chalk crazy and started writing cool labels on each one! Annnd after my creativity subsided {or lack thereof} I glued those suckers on!

At this point I also glued on the black "C" I found at Michael's. It's not a chalkboard, though it looks like one. I've been thinking about painting that bad boy 'C' brown, to match the rest of his room, though it would no longer match the black/orange that's going on in his closet.

As you can see, I already had it loaded up with MegaBloks, clearly I have no patience! After everything was glued on and toys were loaded up into the correct crates, it was done-zo! Well, other than the fact that I am still waiting to come across two more of the little rectangles for the last two crates.

"sigh", I just love it.

Happy Monday!

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