Friday, December 14, 2012

Custom Order!

I haven't been posting many custom orders lately, because I have been getting lots of Mickey and Minnie hat orders, as well as a lot of reindeer hat orders. I forsee lots of happy children on Christmas morning! Also, a lot of people are using my Mickey and Minnie hats to put in their "clues to Disneyland" gift, how incredibly cute is that? I wish that I could see the looks on those kids' faces!

This particular customer loved my puppy hat, but wanted different colors. She wanted to go with more of a neutral palette, and settled on green instead of brown, and cream instead of tan.

I am incredibly in love with this hat. So in love, that I may use it as inspiration for coordinating hats for my children. Yup- I'm that in love.

The green is a little bit deeper and brighter in person, this yarn just does not photograph very well at all. Seriously, the hat is beautiful, I promise. You will just need to order one to see for yourself! Remember, all orders are completely custom, and I still have just a little bit of extra time to get items shipped before Christmas!

Happy Friday!


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