Monday, January 21, 2013

Toy Storage Crate

Long time no blog, eh?

Yea... sorry about that! I haven't had many custom orders lately, mostly Mickey and Minnie hats. Not that I am unhappy about those, I love crocheting them! However, I've made it clear that I love custom orders, so don't be shy! Come out of the shade and tell me whatcha want!

I posted about my son's new closet toy storage with part one and part two, you guys love suspense, right? (Oh, and in those photos I was short two chalkboard labels, well Michael's finally restocked their wood section, so I was able to pick up two more! You guys don't need a photo update on that, right?) Well, I loved my son's crates so much that I decided to paint one up for my daughter's toys too! She doesn't have quite as many toys as he does, so all of her toys fit in this one crate. (Besides her favorite toy ever- Weebles! They are just too big to fit in the crate.) The rocking chair pictured is also from Michael's, we gave it to A as a Santa gift for Christmas this year. I stock up on coupons, and was able to get 50% off of both the rocking chair and the crate! I ended up paying around $25 for the rocking chair and $6 for the crate. What a deal, eh?!

I am too lazy to walk across the room to see what the paint colors are don't have the paint colors handy, but if you let me know which color you are interested in, I can let you know what it is. The lavender is a much deeper color than the photo depicts. I actually love purchasing The Organic Bloom frames, I get them from a local photographer, RST Photography. I have a couple for A's room that are espresso and lavender, so I purchased the same Benjamin Moore lavender color that OB uses on their frames. The espresso is a secret mix, so I couldn't purchase that, I just went with a deep brown that I liked.

It's beautiful! And yes, my daughter's room is lavender and brown, and I've been having a heck of a time finding inspiration photos! If you know of any super cute lavender rooms, drop me a link in the comment section!

I'll be back tomorrow with a custom order for a hooded cowl, you won't want to miss it!

Happy Monday!

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  1. What a cute idea! I love the letter on it too. Found your project next to mine at the Paint It Party.