Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Custom Order!

I'm baaaack! I had some internet problems, but I am back and ready to hit the ground running with this blogging thing.

I had a customer request a monster hat, with a specific color palette and design in mind. I could tell from the beginning that the hat would be super cute, but man! It's even cuter than I imagined.

He is ridiculously cute, right?! These kinds of brightly colored, incredibly fun hats are such great photo props! 

As soon as I completed it, my 2 year old (almost 3!) instantly wanted it. When I told him that it wasn't for him, he no longer cared for his monkey hat or cookie monster hat. I may have to find some extra time to crochet one up for him.

If you would like to order a monster hat (in any colors you choose!), check out my Etsy listing here, or e-mail me at casscrochetcreations@yahoo.com.

Happy Tuesday!

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