Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ribbet, Ribbet!

I try to crochet at least one complete item every day during my children's naptime, so if I don't have a custom order that needs sent out then I work up my own designs! This was one of those items where I sat on the couch staring at my basket of yarn deciding what to crochet, when the green just kept staring at me, so I pulled it out and crocheted up this cute little guy!

I could definitely make this guy a little more girly by adding a pink flower or bow also, so don't let the "boyness" of Mr. Frog deter you.

Because I crocheted this guy up from my own imagination, I currently have one ready to ship in a 6-12 month size! Follow my Etsy listing here to purchase, or e-mail me at All ready to ship items are guaranteed to ship within 24 hours.

Happy Wednesday!

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