Saturday, October 8, 2011

Several Kinds of Flower Hats

As I mentioned before, I've been stocking up on crochet hats so that when I open up my Etsy shop I can have TONS of stuff ready to sell! So I've been experimenting with different kinds of flower hats to make them a little more fun.

After crocheting up these one flower headbands, I thought I'd try adding a few flowers to a hat to see how cute it would be. I think it turned out beautiful!

What's your favorite of the three? Do you prefer one flower or several? Does the stripe add cuteness or take away from how adorable the little flowers are? Shoot me an e-mail at to find how you can completely customize your hat!

(Remember all hats are custom made for you/your child unless noted that it is in stock. You can get a replica of these hats for $25 each which includes shipping to 48 US states. [And be sure to purchase soon, once my Etsy shop is up shipping will no longer be included in the price of the hat.])

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