Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Custom Order!

I absolutely LOVE custom orders! This hat was designed by a fellow Babycenter momma who wanted a hat to match her daughter's purple coat. I think it will look absolutely gorgeous on her!

Doesn't it remind you of that cute little girl from 'Despicable Me'? Take out the white stripes and it's perfect! I'm so in love! :)

I've been doing lots of crocheting over the past month to stock up for when I open up my Etsy shop soon! I'll be sure to start sharing the hats and my Etsy shop link as soon as everything is all set up!

(Remember all hats are custom made for you/your child unless noted that it is in stock. You can get a replica of this hat for $20 which includes shipping to 48 US states. [And be sure to purchase soon, once my Etsy shop is up shipping will no longer be included in the price of the hat.])


  1. we love the hat, it's so cute! We'll be using it in some professional pics with a photographer I also found on BBC ;)

  2. Sorry I just saw this comment! :( I am SO happy that you love it! I would love to see some of the professional pictures if you would like to share! :)