Saturday, July 23, 2011

Newborn Hats

My life-long dream is to become a newborn photographer. So while I save up money for a Nikon D90 I've been crocheting up some props to use once I finally have the right camera.

I have a friend who is due in November with a little girl and she is just in love with this tan/red hat. Hopefully I have the right photography gear by then to give her beautiful photos of her daughter in this hat! :)

I am in LOVE with this white/hot pink hat with the flower on it. How absolutely adorable is it?! If I ever have a little girl I will definitely be using it for her newborn photos!

Crochet hats are a great way to make newborn pictures beautiful and personalized. Eventually I will have tons of different colors so that people can use them to match newborn pictures to their nursery if they'd like!

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